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Posting it here initially. If enough people think it's decent/acceptable, I might move it over to my fic journal and cross-post it.

All perfectly clean. Nothing graphic here.

Pics behind cutCollapse )
There's a bit more non-action talking bit in this ep. As usual, I have no idea what is going on at this point, since I don't understand Japanese and the subs aren't out yet.

Reporting in...Collapse )

Meanwhile elsewhere...Collapse )

(Part two here)
(Part two here)
More fighting occurs after the break.Collapse )

I don't want this to be true! Damnit, why would a character who is so law-abiding do something like THAT! Damn, damn, damn...

Music meme...

Stolen from chelonianmobile

- Open your music program of choice and put it on shuffle.
- For each question, hit the next song and put down the song title.
- No matter how stupid it is, you must go with the first song that pops up, no exceptions!

1. Some days I just feel like:
"Everyday Affairs" (Okay, not too bad. There are some things I do everyday.)

2. Right now I am thinking:
"Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad" (Really I'm wondering why my Realplayer is fucking titles and artists up again.)

3. My favorite type of day is:
"Rosa Rubicundidior, Lilio Candidior" (Um... "Red Offence, White Defence"... Okay..)

4. Nothing beats a good:
"Anguish" (*snort* Given the angst levels in my recent fics, that's strangely appropriate)

5. When stuff confuses me, I just say:
"Amazing Grace" (Just... don't ask.)

6. My view on sex is summed up with this word/phrase:
"Time Warp" (*blinks* LOL! That's exactly what I wish some fanficcers would do!)

7. What should you do with your life?
"Uragiri" (I should betray someone? Or be betrayed, rather, given whose POV this song is from.)

8. I hope my last words are:
"Given Up"

9. Facebook quizzes like this are dumb. I’d rather:
"You Don't Have To Say You Love Me"

10. At my funeral, they’d better be listening to:
"Epilogue" (fitting, I guess, since it'd be the epilogue to my life.)

11. What my friends really think of me:
"Bleach Soul Shout"

12. Some days I just want to scream out:
"The Breaking Of The Fellowship"

13. I love to eat, especially when the food tastes like:
"Ash And Smoke" (sounds like my dad's been cooking again.)

14. I’m not racist, I just think:
"The Saints Are Coming"

15. Lots of these made no sense, but that’s because:
"Desire" (wouldn't Delirium be a more likely culprit?)

16. My music knows me best, that’s why it knows that all I want for Christmas is:
"Let's Get The Party Started"

17. When I laugh a lot of people say I sound like:
"Operation Ground And Pound"

18. My feelings on gay marriage are summed up in this word/phrase:
"Pretty Women" (What?! I DETEST the fanfiction tendency to turn the receiving partner into a simpering woman substitute.)

19. If that last one made no sense to you, then I just have this to say to you:
"Blow Me Away" (no, please don't)

20. My last thought after this little quiz thing is this:
"Helm's Deep."

Writer's Block: Finders keepers?

If you found a $100 at the library, would you pocket it or turn it in? What about at a diner or pub? Confess!

Well, the chances of me finding a hundred dollars is rare, given that it's not my currency. If I found a hundred quid though.... I'd like to say I'd be honest enough to hand it in, but if it's not in a purse or wallet or anything like that, I'd actually be more likely to keep it. A hundred quid could be useful.
Ichigo is still fighting Zangetsu over in the middle of Seireitei. He's also in trouble...Collapse )

Renji managed to regain his shikai once he gathered the resolve to fight. Ichigo never lost his shikai at all. Could it be possible for all Shinigami that have obtained their bankai to use shikai, or are those two just special cases? I have so many questions, so many things I want to see from this arc. I'll just have to be patient, and it's killing me.
This filler arc is pretty damned good. It isn't dragging, the fights are brilliant, and the characters seem to be revisiting their original motivations for fighting. There's also some wonderful insights into other characters, like the one who has recently taken over my brain, Hisagi Shuuhei.

Mostly though, I just like looking at Shuuhei.Collapse )


Sometimes I just have to wonder if Studio Pierrot has any yaoi fans in the scriptwriting and/or animation departments.

Pic behind here.Collapse )

Ah, fun...

How have I spent a good portion of my bank holiday? Doing this sudoku:

Cut for big picture, if it works this time.Collapse )

And as I know at least one person will cry 'pics or it didn't happen' at me:

Do not look behind here if you want to do the sudoku yourself with cheating.Collapse )

What have I done...?

I like breaking characters, in various ways. Normally I don't take them so far that they can't be put back together again in a recognisable state. This time though... this time I think I might have taken it too far.

Um, I think an angst warning may be needed here...Collapse )
Watching Bleach: Memories of Nobody, I spotted this name in the credits...

Picture under cutCollapse )

'Nother meme...

I'm not sure where I heard about this one, but it was probably fanficrants.

Take a passage from one of your favourite fanfics. Run it through Babelfish twice and then convert it back to English. Post the results.

The, um, victim for this experiment was Safety. Sorry, Del, to have mangled your wonderful fic like this. The languages I chose to put it through were French and Spanish.

I don't think this is going to end well...Collapse )

*winces* Um... I'm gonna go hide now... SORRY, DEL!!!!!!!!!

There's no time for us

meme ganked from tea_fiend

Put your mp3 player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first is your title.

There's no time for usCollapse )

Okay... that got weird. And I'm so glad I stripped most of the non-English songs from my playlist first. Figuring out Japanese lyrics is tricky enough when I'm not trying to spell them at the same time.

Aug. 11th, 2009

I hate writing Mayuri. I just can't do it sympathetically. Yet, there is something quite fascinating about him as well. And, for some reason, I've started writing a fic that features him quite heavily.


In which Mayuri plots nefarious things.Collapse )


And then there's this, set between a week and a month after the first one. Sorry, delwynmarch, but I'm breaking one of your boys again. I promise to put him back together again :P !


In which Mayuri underestimates the stubbornness of a peacock.Collapse )


I haven't got it fully plotted yet, but methinks this isn't going to end well for Mayuri.

*rages incoherently*

Do these characters exist solely to torture me? Never have I tried to write a fic with two such stubborn, willful, proud peacocks! They just won't cooperate with me, at all!

Between Yumichika's stubborness:

'The length of the field between us, I pause to catch my breath. Kuchiki-taichou is stronger than me, faster than me and has the advantage of being able to use kidou and a nigh-unblockable shikai. If I'm hit by that attack full on then the best I can hope for is a lengthy stay in Fourth Division's care, if Kuchiki-taichou is unable to blunt it in time. Forcing myself to breathe deep, thankful that the kidou missed my ribs, diaphragm and lungs, I prepare to make another attack. I'm not out of this fight yet.

-Don't you think it might be time, love? Surely you can trust at least this man to keep our secret. Not that it should be a secret, but we don't have time for that argument now, do we?- I roll my eyes at the petty reminder of our old quarrel, and shake my head.

'Why would he remember that day? He was young and scared. He might have blanked that incident from his memory a long time ago,' I reason. It's the habit of almost a lifetime to be stubborn about this matter, and the argument with Kujaku, even as I charge headlong at Kuchiki-taichou, is familiar and warming.

I don't even get within attack range before I'm forced to retreat again, or be swallowed up by the thousand blades. Kuchiki-taichou frowns as I skid backwards on the grassy sand, lowering the controlling hilt and letting the blades swirl aimlessly in patterns that are mesmerisingly beautiful to watch.'

Byakuya's pride:

'"Ayasegawa-kun, I hope you haven't forgotten my rank, and what that requires of me," he states, the words penetrating the fog clouding my mind and bringing me back to full alertness.

Understanding his meaning, remembering Renji's disjointed and drunken relaying of his fight with Kuchiki-taichou, I cry out to Kujaku, 'GAG HIM! STOP HIM FROM SPEAKING!' Kujaku's ability alone should prevent him from gathering the reiatsu necessary for bankai, but I haven't survived as long as I have by making such assumptions in battle.

It's too late even as I say it, and Kuchiki-taichou drops his newly sealed zanpakutou to the ground blade-first. Dark ripples spread out from the sword as it sinks into the ground, surrounding us in darkness as a thousand massive blades, each the height and width of several men, form two flanking rown.

"Bankai," Kuchiki-taichou says gravely, a victorious smirk tugging at his lips. "Chire, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi."'

and Yumichika's indignation:

'"So I suppose I cannot seduce you away from Zaraki's command once Abarai takes up his position as Fifth Division Captain," he whispers huskily. I turn back to him so fast something in my neck clicks, but I ignore the discomfort as his hand completes its journey up my thigh, coming to rest just inches away from my erection. "I could force the issue, let what I know of your powers slip in his hearing, but that would forever set you against me and likely make you apply as Abarai's Lieutenant out of the stubborness you must surely have in abundance."

"E-Eleventh Division is my h-home, one that I have no d-desire to leave," I stutter eventually, forcing my brain to work again even as certain parts of my body tell me to simply accept what Kuchiki-taichou has to offer. Then the full implications of that offer sink in, and fury courses through me. "And I am no whore to change allegiances based on who I last bedded, Kuchiki-taichou."'

I doubt I am ever going to get this fic finished. As soon as I get another couple of paragraphs onto paper, one of them insists that I go back and change something in their favour.

Argh, next time I'm picking nice, obedient, quiet characters to work with, I swear. Hanatarou and Kira will do just nicely.

Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy

What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?

A headless daemon spreading its wings as a sign for the followers of Chaos to unleash an attack on some terrified Guardsmen.

Okay, that's enough 40K books for now, I think.

Advice wanted

Again, due to a post on fanficrants, this time on infodumping within fics.

One of my current WIPs is set several years after the events of canon, and will likely be Jossed eventually. As such I'm trying to set up the current situation. Because of this, some explanation is required. I've tried not to be infodumpy, but I'd like a second opinion on a couple of points in the fic.


This got longer than I thought.Collapse )

Random rambling

I'm thinking of this because of a recent post on fanficrants about fanbrat Japanese, and my own continued writing for primarily Japanese fandoms.

I don't like gratuitous Japanese in fics. I hate it. The badfic that I deliberately wrote a few months back was made even more painful by the fact that the persona I was writing it for does shamelessly pepper her speech with random Japanese words.

But what level of Japanese in a story crosses the line into gratuitous, unnecessary and fanbratish usage of that language?

Personally I think it depends on the canon.

Bleach, which is the main canon I write for, is set in Japan, therefore honorifics (WTF, Firefox, that is too a word) are something that I'll keep in, and will tolerate in fanfic, as long as the honorifics used are in character, i.e. no badasses or emotionless gits throwing -chan around at people who wouldn't accept being called that. Oi, Sues, only one person in canon gets away with Ken-chan, and your sparkly asses ain't them! I, personally, don't like 'taichou' on its own though. If it's in the narration or not attached to a name ('Urahara wasn't quite so disadvantaged in talking to Komamura now, no longer having to crane his neck quite so much to look the much taller Captain in the eye.' or '"If you ever change your mind, Madarame-san, then tell the guardian you encounter that you have come on the recommendation of Unohana Retsu, Captain of the Fourth Division."') then I won't put it in Japanese. If it's attached to a name ('"How could you, Zaraki-taichou?"') then I'll treat it as an honorific. The same goes for Lieutenant. Looking over my fics I've realised that I vary on other ranks, but mostly I seem to treat higher ranks (Third Seat through Tenth Seat) like I do Captain and Lieutenant, and lower ranks (Eleventh through Twentieth Seats) are always in English.

Still in Bleach, I also keep spells, technique names, common canon terms and zanpakutou release commands in Japanese. This is me being stubborn, preferring the Japanese to the English since I started watching before the dub was released. Sometimes it's because there seems to be several translations for a single thing, therefore it's easier for me to just go for the original name. Written well enough it shouldn't be a problem for any reader.

If, however, I was writing for Fullmetal Alchemist, I wouldn't put any Japanese in the fic. FMA is not set in Japan, or even in an equivalent of World One. Amestris seems to be based on pre-WWI Germany and/or England (has that argument been sorted in fandom yet?), which means that the language they're probably speaking, Translation Convention aside, is most likely something similar to one of those, especially given that their leader is called 'Fuhrer'.

I guess I'm trying to say that gratuitousness depends on the canon as much as anything the reader or writer decides. You can get away with a lot more in a canon set in Japan, than you can in one set in anywhere else. Substituting perfectly good English words like yes, no, thank you, good bye, amazing, cute, etc does not fly in any fandom though, unless it's something that the character is known to do.